Mission Critical Mechanical and Electrical Services

We stand behind quality service and expert knowledge.

In addition to providing you with mission critical precision equipment and products, we offer these services:

Design Support

mission critical data center design support and consulting services

Rely on our expertise and over 25 years in the business to help you craft a mission critical precision system optimized for your needs. Our products are energy efficient, and we make sure to consider long-term versus short-term value and future expansion needs.

Together, we will explore our electrical and mechanical products and design an integrated system to best suit your operation. Whether looking for air, power, or an integrated package, we’ll assess what best fits your needs in the most energy-efficient and cost-effective manner.

Electrical Equipment Service Agreements

Like all equipment, mission critical products benefit from regular maintenance and upkeep for reliability and top-tier performance. Investing in regular electrical equipment servicing not only extends the life of your investment, it prevents system failure.

We offer two levels of electrical equipment service:

Level 1

Preventative maintenance is the best measure for guaranteeing your mission critical electrical equipment hums smoothly and reliably. Whatever the electrical equipment you have, we offer regular maintenance contracts—quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Our techs will review your equipment and ensure it’s in pristine working condition.

This level of service is your best and most dependable investment: This contract affords you better pricing overall and makes sure your system undergoes regular review so that we catch failures long before they turn into emergencies. Prevention and maintenance are key components of mission critical systems.

Level 2

We also offer 24/7 support to our customers. It doesn’t matter what manufacturer’s power products you have — we’ll dispatch someone immediately to get you up and running. Contact us for our daytime and after-hours information.

mission critical electrical and power maintenance contracts

Worry less by allowing us to maintain your electrical power equipment. Rely on us to service all manufacturers’ mission critical electrical equipment.

Mechanical Services

We offer in-house service for humidifier replacements.

For everything else, we turn to our team of trusted mechanical service experts. We work closely with our partners in the mechanical contracting field to set you up for reliable service and maintenance.

Our network of experienced mechanical contractors is an extension of our quality service and expert care.

Replacement Parts

We provide retrofit and replacement equipment and parts at competitive prices. Whether you’re looking for a specific part or looking for the best way to update existing operation, we can help.

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